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Greek Traditional Dances in Bad Nauheim 2017

Maria Schwanen has been teaching for many years traditional Greek dances from all the regions of Greece in their original forms.
The weekly courses consist of ten lessons
(the fee is 60 €)

Every Thursday as of 03. March 20:00 - 21.30
Location: Bad Nauheim (Bürgerhaus Rödgen-Wisselsheim)

Weekend Dance Seminars in Bad Nauheim 2017

The Greek guest teachers have been invited to teach the dances from their home region and to practice them with the participants.
The seminars include lectures, research reports, Video projections, and talks about the various dances, the music involved, and the tradition around them. In the past ten years about sixty-one seminars took place in Bad Nauheim.
Thus the Greek Community of the Wetteraukreis (Hessen) in Germany has become a centre for these events, where the enthusiasts meet to learn about the cultural traditions and methods of these dances.

The following Greek Dance seminars in Bad Nauheim (Region Hesse) in Germany

will be offered in 2017

62th DANCE SEMINAR – 22 -23th April
„Greek Dances“
with Giorgos Lazarou
download the seminar information
Fee: 60 €s

63th DANCE SEMINAR – 17 -18th June
„Dances of Crete“
with Michalis Sifakakis
download the seminar information
Fee: 60 €s

64th DANCE SEMINAR – 28 -29th October
„Dances of Pontos“
with Giannis Efraimidis
download the seminar information
Fee: 60 €s

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